Apple Gingerbread

Ephemeral flavour

A classic winter companion, this kombucha will comfort the tender hearted and compliment spicy spirits. To be enjoyed without moderation!


Mango Vanilla Turmeric

Flavour of a
smiling sun

Aglow with rich ingredients and natural flavour, this exotic elixir will shine on your taste buds and put a smile on any day.


Hibiscus Chai

Flavour of
floral infusion

Opposites attract! This duo combines a stormy and spicy side with a delicate and floral side that bring out the best in each other.



Flavour of a
wizardly rhizome

You can always go another round with ginger in your corner. Embrace the vegetable virtues and let the wellness take root.



Flavour of an
eternal oasis

As close as your tastebuds can get to frolicking in an herb garden. Fresh, clean, and bright—a sprig of greens you can sip on.